Where weather is concerned, hot is delightful, but with it often comes the humidity that most people cannot stand. It makes sitting outdoors unbearable. You would love to enjoy your patio, but … One way to address the problem and take back your right to outdoor living is to purchase a patio misting system.

What Is a Patio Misting System?

A patio misting system, sometimes called a mist or fog system, is a simple and effective means of cooling down your outdoor living spaces. A normal system consists of four basic components:

  • A water source
  • A hose or system of pipes
  • Fans or pumps
  • Spray nozzles

With a home patio misting system, the actual operational system tends to be less complex and smaller than that for a commercial patio. In either instance, the purpose of the misting system is to spray water at such a pressure that it turns into extremely fine droplets. This results in a fine mist (hence the name) that cools down the individuals in range without getting them wet or even damp.

The positioning of the system will also vary in accordance with the size and type of usage. Some commercial patios place their patio misting system above the seating. They place it hidden in the rafters or among hanging plants. The same approach may be used for a backyard patio. Alternatively, the fan or nozzles may be concealed behind a screen or potted plants.

Why a Patio Misting System?

A patio misting system is chosen for any of several reasons. Admittedly, the most important or common one is to cool down the outdoor area. Yet, there are other motives behind why this specific method is chosen. They make this system more beneficial than other comparable methods of cooling down an area. Among the more commonly stated reasons are:

  • It reduces the humidity
  • It Keeps certain insects away
  • It does not require a lot of water to make the system effective
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • It is beneficial to the other living organisms in your patio area e.g. plants, trees
  • It is very cost-effective to operate
  • It is easy to set up, take down and relocate
  • It improvers the overall appeal of your property if you plan to sell or lease it

These all make a patio misting system attractive to those who live in a climate where the heat and humidity work together to keep them indoors.

Purchasing a Patio Misting System

If you enjoy sitting outdoors and feel the weather works hard to prevent you from doing so, consider purchasing a misting system. They are affordable and offer you and your family many benefits. Overall, installing a quality patio misting system allows you to reclaim your outdoor space.

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