If you own a business, whether it’s a retail or restaurant establishment, you must decide what to put in the restrooms so that customers can dry their hands. You’ve got two choices, including a dryer or paper towel system. While the decision may not seem important, it can be the difference between customers enjoying your facilities or going elsewhere. Most people are very particular about their bathroom habits and would prefer industrial hand dryers over paper towels. Understanding some of the benefits of a dryer can help you make the right decision.

Better For The Skin

Customers want the best, and paper towels are rough and scratchy. Even if you purchase the highest-quality towels, they can still be scratchy and uncomfortable to use. Likewise, people are usually in a hurry to finish their bathroom break and go back to shopping or dining. Therefore, you want something that’s fast and easy on the skin.

Better For The Environment

Industrial hand dryers are much better for the environment than paper towels. While paper can be recycled, most company owners don’t do so. Likewise, it can be tough to sort through the paper and other trash that customers may throw away in the restroom. A dryer ensures that there is no trash to be thrown away, making it better for the environment.

Less Cost

Even though industrial hand dryers cost more to purchase and install, they are quite easy to maintain. That being said, they cost less over the long haul when compared to paper towels. You won’t have to continuously buy towels and garbage bags, nor will you have to deal with other issues.

Sanitary And Faster

A dryer is more sanitary than towels because customers don’t have to touch the towel dispenser or worry that someone else touched their towel. Likewise, it cuts down on germs because there is no trash build-up.

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