When you are feeling ill what is the first thing you do? Call your local physician, right? Well, what if it is a holiday or weekend and your doctor is closed then what? Currently, you can now consult with an online doctor when your physician is not available to you. Online medical consultation is ideal for acute or minor medical conditions that can just as easily be treated online than visiting a doctor’s office. The advantages of online medical consultations are you being able to talk with a licensed, qualified and professional physician about your medical illness in the comfort of your own home.

Receive Professional Care and Advice from Licensed Physicians

How it works is simple. When you choose a reputable online medical provider the first step will be filling out a registration form with a password and email address. You will promptly enter your accurate medical history so that a physician can review it, while also letting a doctor know the reason you are there. There are different levels of consultation services such as video consultation, express consultation, and routine consultation. Each one will vary on a time frame from 45 minutes to 2 hours on when you will receive a call from a physician. No matter which consultation you select you will receive professional care and advice from a licensed physician.

Online Medical Assistance Available All Year Round

Online medical assistance is available to you all year round. You can use this medical provider from your computer or a smartphone. Online medical doctors are not meant to replace your current physician; they are there for you when your caregiver is unavailable. Also, it is important to keep in mind that even though an online doctor will prescribe medications for you they will not write a prescription for any form of painkillers. If you need a note for work or school a doctor can also assist with that. With online medical consultation and through the services provided by an online prescription writing physician, you choose when and where you receive your consultation. Any sort of minor medical condition, such as rashes, ear infections, flu, colds and more are treatable through an online medical consultation. If you would like more information about online medical consultation, contact MDProactive today by visiting their website. Follow us on our twitter page.

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