Creating a well integrated and aesthetically appealing Landscape Design in Suffolk County is more than a matter of just throwing together some trees and a few gardens. Professional landscape designers must take into account existing features as well as property owners’ individual preferences in order to choose the right plants and trees and install appropriate hardscape elements. A piece of property is a big investment. Professional landscaping can help owners to get the most out of what they’ve put into their properties.

For those looking into ways to improve property values as well as time spent outdoors, installations such as ponds and waterfalls, nightscapes, and carefully chosen plantings can go a long way, but only if adequate consideration is given to how these different elements fit together to form a seamless whole. This is where the skill and experience of a landscape designer can really help.

Natural elements such as trees and gardens require careful planning prior to planting. All plants must be able to grow and thrive in the given climate zone, and they must work together to improve both overall appearance and each element’s ability to survive. Drainage, irrigation, and soil quality as well as general topography must be considered and often improved upon when incorporating natural elements into an overall design plan.

The addition of what’s known as hardscape elements is often used in outdoor design to create new microclimates such as water gardens, or to highlight interesting topographical features of a landscape. These can come in the form of waterfalls that draw attention to a beautifully landscaped hill, or aquascapes that put existing ponds to better use. Not only do these add diversity to the landscape, improving inhabitant’s outdoor experience, but they also create valuable living space for beneficial animals and insects. The appeal of giant boring lawns is rightfully on the decline. A carefully designed and well-maintained landscape can provide a much more fulfilling experience, often while simultaneously using up less valuable resources. Thinking about making some changes to a home or business’s outdoor environment, but don’t know where to start? Visit  for information about the local landscape design contractors who make it their mission to improve outdoor space of all sorts.

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