While many of the new styles of custom showers feature swinging doors, there are a number of very modern and very stylish options in sliding shower door designs. In fact, in many Indianapolis, IN homes these sliding doors are the best option due to the design of the bathroom, limited space, or simply the style matches with the d├ęcor.

The Options

There are two primary considerations when choosing a sliding shower door. One option is what is known as a bypass door, which allows for both doors to slide open. This is a very good option when you may want to enter the shower from either side, and it allows maximum freedom when stepping out of the shower as well.

The second option is often called a barn door style. With this type of sliding shower door one panel of the door slides behind the other, which is similar to the movement of a traditional type of patio door. This is a very common option both as a full sized shower door as well as a shower and tub combination.

Often the barn door styles of sliding shower door designs offer a larger opening while the bypass doors tend to be used for smaller showers. However, with custom designers for both the shower and the doors, it is often more of a personal preference.

What to Look For

When choosing a sliding shower door style be sure to look for the actual moving mechanism of the door. It is essential to choose a door that slides easily and will continue to have that smooth movement once installed.

The best of these doors will have the rollers on the top part of the door frame. This ensures that soap, water and debris that may get into the bottom track will not interfere with the movement of the door over time.

Keep in mind that there are many different sliding shower door designs and options. There are frameless doors, which provide a very open look and are perfect to highlight a beautifully tiled shower. There is also the option for higher doors on these models to accommodate for the popular rainfall shower heads or the panel styles of body showers that produce a wider and higher area of spray.

It is also a great idea to choose a sliding shower door with treated glass. This will help to prevent water from drying on the glass, and will also resist soap and lime scale accumulation, perfect no matter what type of water you may have in your Indianapolis, IN home.

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