As you grow your family, it might become frustrating to keep up with annual visits to the many specialists available. For example, children must see a doctor several times a year growing up and then they need to have annual checkups after the age of three. The same is true of family dental care in Corvallis, OR, which cannot be put off as children begin to get their first teeth.

A family dentist facility such as Dixon Creek Dental Center can help you and your children get the dental care that they need without requiring multiple visits. As most dental facilities only function during school and work hours, family dental care can help you take just one day of the week off for everyone in your household to make the most effective use of time.


A family dental care facility will have staff on hand with the ability to handle patients of all ages and temperaments. Children are especially likely to move around and fight a dentist as he or she attempts to work on their teeth. For this reason, you need someone capable of handling whomever you bring with you to each appointment.


Family facilities understand that you have many mouths to care for and are more likely to offer fair prices for the entire family. In combination with your dental insurance, visiting the dentist should not only be fast and simple but it should be a cost-effective affair. With so many things to budget for from one month to the next, especially with children in the household, this can make a big difference to your finances.

You deserve the chance to feel at ease going to the dentist and the same is true for your children. The right professionals make it possible for everyone to come at once and receive excellent services. This may even result in your children skipping the phase in which they feel fear or worry about a dental visit.

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