Hardwood flooring is popular, and for great reasons. Aside from its durability and popularity, Hardwood Flooring Nassau County is prized for its great looks and timeless appeal.

Below is a list of several reasons why hardwood floors are the right choice for many homes.

Hardwood Flooring Can be Installed Anywhere

Wood floors are as versatile as they are beautiful. Solid hardwoods are a fine choice for kitchens, dens, offices and living areas, while engineered flooring is good for basements and bathrooms due to its water resistance.

It Wears Well

Hardwood floors can stand up to children, pets, toys and foot traffic. With a quality protective seal, as well as normal cleaning and maintenance, Hardwood Flooring Nassau County can keep its luster for years to come.

They’re Easy to Clean

Sweeping and light mopping with a dampened mop are all that’s necessary to clean and maintain a wood floor. Spot cleaning can be done with a gentle cleanser that’s specially made for wood flooring. It’s possible to vacuum these floors, but the user should choose a vacuum model without a beater bar, or one that’s specifically made for hard floors.

They’re Restorable

A solid hardwood floor can be refinished up to seven times before it needs to be replaced. Therefore, a floor’s lifespan can easily reach or surpass 100 years. Even an engineered wood floor can be refurbished at least once. The cost of hardwood floors is comparable to that of other flooring types when replacement frequency is considered.

They’re Hypoallergenic

Carpet can be rough on household members with asthma or allergies. Carpeting can trap pet dander, dust and other airborne allergens that can increase breathing difficulties in sensitive individuals. However, hardwood flooring is simple to clean, and a damp mop is all that’s needed to strip allergens away.

While the initial cost may be higher, hardwood floors can increase a home’s resale value. This flooring option can bring elegance, warmth and quality to any home, regardless of its style and decor. With the reasons listed above, homeowners may find it easier to make an informed decision. Browse site or call today to schedule a no-obligation initial consultation.

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