Medically guided Weight Management Programs in New Albany IN uses proven health science to assist in the weight loss process. There are two features that have the greatest impact on weight loss. One is that the body has to sufficiently burn enough fat to be used as energy. Defined as metabolism, the body burns excess fat so it won’t be put into a state of dormancy. Inactive stored fat doesn’t undergo the necessary process to be converted into energy. Regular diet and exercise alone do not burn away this fat. There is a way to repair this metabolic deficiency with Medical Weight Management Programs in New Albany IN.

At InShapeMD clinics, a prescription containing the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone is used to accelerate the fat burning process. This hormone unleashes extra fat that has been trapped in the body for a long time. When the fat is free to melt away and turn into energy, weight loss is achieved quickly and easily. Since the metabolic process is upsurged, there is no time to store unneeded fat. With the inclusion of B-12 supplements, metabolism is enhanced even more. This diet is intended for a short duration with the end result being achieved in that period of time. Once the goal is reached, the doctor puts into practice a weight management plan to sustain the results.

Clinical lab testing is a valuable tool in identifying unique factors that have an effect on health. The information that’s obtained can be used to address issues that contribute to weight management and palliating health conditions. The lab work can reveal significant information about genetic mutations and anomalies that cause some areas of health to decline. Patients learn what their results mean in a way that doesn’t use terms only a doctor can understand. In order to improve the health of patients, they must know what they do to damage their health and unique biologic factors that are credited to health status. Gender specific tests provide information on hormone levels to assess how balanced they are. Hormonal imbalance attributes to health problems as well. For more information, visit the website.

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