When people in the Inland Northwest of Washington state need post-frame construction and design work done, they can turn to Town & Country Builders Inc with confidence. They are staffed with carpenters who genuinely care about their work and take great pride in the finished product. They build with the attention to detail as if their own family might be living in the building when it is completed.

If customers are in need of more than post-frame construction buildings, such as stick-frame buildings or even steel buildings, they want to find a company that prides itself on quality workmanship and uses only the best materials. Contact Town & Country Builders Inc for an example of one such company. They specialize in post-frame construction because they find it to be a cost-efficient way to build structures such as garages, sheds, or other types of buildings.

There are some benefits with post-frame construction. With this type of building, pressure-treated solid wood posts or even laminated columns are used to support girts and trusses. This means there is no concrete masonry or conventional wooden studs or steel being utilized. Loads are shifted either to the ground or to a concrete pier and then utilize an interlocking frame that is capable of withstanding greater loads than convention stud-wall construction.

Town & Country Builders Inc favors this method due to its’ economic benefits, but it is also favored by engineers, building designers, and even architects because it gives them all flexibility. Not only does this type of construction meet all UBC standards (Uniform Building Code), it gives all involved the chance to use any type of exterior facade they need. Years ago, post-frame construction was confined primarily to the building of farms and barns. Today, it is being used to construct everything from public safety buildings to car dealerships to schools and more. Because this type of construction utilizes fewer load-bearing walls, it means fewer tradesmen are needed for construction, with less overhead and faster build times resulting. The versatility, durability, and overall sustainability of this type of construction method are all advantages that are simply too good to ignore.

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