In recent years, a lot of revolutionary firearms have hit the market to meet the needs of those who want a gun to protect themselves. Which firearm is best for a particular person is both a matter of preference and of figuring out how the gun is going to be used. For those looking for Guns in Louisville KY, here are some of the best self-defense firearms that are currently available for purchase locally.

Concealed Carry

Guns that are used for concealed carry generally need to be on the small side so that they can be easily hidden. This narrows down the options considerably. Some people like the tiny size of the North American Arms Pug revolver, because it can easily be placed in a suitable holster within a pocket, while others may prefer something that’s a bit bigger. Pistols in .380 ACP, such as the Glock 42 or the Sig P238, are perfect for this. For those who want more power, there are a variety of small 9mm options, including the Springfield XD-S and the Beretta Nano. Because not everyone wants to carry a semi-automatic, there are also some excellent concealable .38 Special revolvers, such as the Smith & Wesson 642 and the Ruger LCR. Handguns bigger than all of these, such as the Glock 26, or even its larger sibling, the Glock 19, are also carried by some.

Home Defense

Guns in Louisville KY that are used for home defense tend to be bigger than the ones that people conceal carry. Full-size pistols such as the Smith & Wesson M&P9 and the Glock 17 are always popular to keep in a night stand or other convenient location. Some gun owners even use them for concealed carry in addition to home defense. Moving up in firepower, there’s the always popular AR-15 rifle, which is an exceptional choice for protecting one’s home. It and the similar AK-47 rifle are available from many different gun manufacturers. Shotguns such as the Maverick 88 and the Remington 870 are also effective for those who can handle the recoil.

Whatever kind of self-defense firearm is wanted, there are Guns in Louisville KY that can do the job. All law-abiding Americans have the right to own a gun, so pick one up today.

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