Young adults often discover while they’re living in their first apartment that leftover pizza from a restaurant tastes great the next day. They bring home the food from a Pizza Restaurant near Southwest Ranches and look forward to having some more of it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. There are a few strategies to make that second-day pizza taste as delicious as possible to extend the culinary enjoyment beyond one evening.

Remove From Cardboard

The first action to take is removing the leftovers from the cardboard box if that’s what they were packed in. Overnight, the pizza can take on a bit of the cardboard scent, which detracts from the wonderful flavor. The slices can be wrapped in foil or placed in a plastic container. Ideally, if the person is ambitious enough, slices can be separated with wax paper instead of directly sitting on top of each other.

Heating Techniques

This food from a Pizza Restaurant near Southwest Ranches should not be heated in a microwave unless the person doesn’t care about the best results. That tends to make the crust limp. Instead, the leftovers can be heated in an oven or a toaster oven. Another option, which produces delightful results, is to cook the pizza in a skillet with a lid on top of the stove. This creates a miniature oven, and the cooking time required is only a few minutes.

Eating Cold Pizza

Some people actually enjoy eating the leftovers without reheating them, although they may want to set the slices on the counter for 10 minutes or so just to get the chill out. This is a habit often picked up during college or during that first job that pays for an apartment. There’s nothing quite like munching on cold pizza from the night before while watching TV.

Why It Works

As with many other kinds of Italian food, pizza from an establishment like Tarantella Ristorante & Pizzeria can have a wonderful flavor the next day because there has been more time for herbs and spices to blend together. The pizza sauce acts as an effective barrier to prevent oils from the cheese and water from vegetable toppings from making the crust soggy. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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