The Dangers of Sleep Apnea

by | Mar 6, 2017 | Dentistry

Sleep apnea is a medical condition where the throat narrows and expands abnormally during sleep. This will interrupt breathing as the airway contracts and relaxes abnormally. Sleep is interrupted automatically by the brain so the airway can be reopened. In most cases people that are affected by this tend to snore very loud. If you find yourself waking up every few minutes you may have an extreme case of apnea. Do you wake up feeling tired in the morning like you have not gotten any sleep? Perhaps, you do not even realize you have difficult time breathing when sleeping. The dangers of apnea can be heart disease, poor memory, hypertension and poor concentration during the day. Sleep apnea dentistry in Elk Grove Village can assist you with a treatment for your sleep apnea problem.

Professional Dentist Offers Sleep Apnea Treatments

If you suffer from sleep apnea a sleep apnea dentist can provide relief for you by providing dental appliances that will reposition your jaw so it opens up the airway to allow for a more peaceful sleep. This device is like a mouth guard and you only wear it when you sleep. Each appliance will vary since each sleep apnea treatment is customized to a patient’s specific need. You can rest assure that a dentist who specializes in this field will have a solution to help you get a better restful sleep at night. Once a dentist has obtained a diagnosis from your doctor they will discuss with you the options to help with your sleep breathing disorder.

It Is Important to Get a Good Night Sleep

It is highly important to get a good night sleep for overall happiness, productivity, and functionality. Do not let your sleep apnea keep you from enjoying your life to its fullest. If you would like more information about sleep apnea dentistry visit the website of Brian Homann, DDS at today and schedule an appointment to talk over your options for sleep apnea treatment. Like us on our facebook page.

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