If you are new to the world of aftermarket vehicle components, particularly something like wheels and rims, you may look at different brands and see wheels that look more alike than different. However, if you take a look at Asanti rims, you will immediately see the difference between the competition.

The company is one of the leaders in creating cutting edge wheels for a wide range of domestic and import vehicles. You will find Asanti rims on BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Nissan, Chevrolet, Audis and just about any other sedan, sports or luxury car on the road today.

With the different applications for Asanti rims, the company offers them in staggered and non-staggered options with different wheels. They are considered one of the best rim matches with high performance and low profile tires, which is another reason they are so popular with discerning drivers around the world.

Not your Typical Wheels

Many wheel and rim makers only cater to one particular style. This could be the upscale classic wheels, the off-road wheels or more of the street rod looking wheels.

On the other hand, and perhaps surprising to many people only associating these rims with upscale, luxury vehicles, Asanti rims are designed to be some of the most racy and stylish on the road today.

Classic styles including the standard five-spoke, or multi-spoke designs, but they also include very elaborate two and three piece rims with pinwheel, multi-colored and fully customized forged wheels and in spoke designs that almost seem to defy explanation.

Prices and Options

The classic styles and standard two and three piece Asanti rims are very reasonably priced considering the quality and the outstanding designs on these wheels. Even the fully custom built two, three and multi-piece wheels are a bargain considering they are wheels that you won’t see on other cars driving around your neighborhood.

The colors in the custom lines of Asanti rims are unique and go far beyond the standard white, black or chrome with green, yellow, red, orange and blue. The multi-piece rims allow for the buyer to choose the color combination on the pieces, really allowing a level of choice and personalization not available on many of the other brands.

Additionally, Asanti rims, as with all luxury and high-end vehicle rims, are available in staggered or non-staggered options. The slightly larger sizes of the staggered rims for the back of the vehicle just add to the design of the wheels, truly making a stand-out statement.

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