Bail bondsmen are also known as bond agents. A bail bondsman may be a person or a company that provides services to individuals who want to be bailed out. The primary duty of a bail bondsman is to provide the court of law with surety bonds to discharge the defendant. It is a worldwide rule that the charged individual who is captured will be in the correctional facility until the trial is over. Safeguards are intended to discharge the charged individual with security bonds so that the denounced individual does not need to be detained until demonstrated as a guilty party. A safeguard bondsman is there to make this procedure less demanding for such people. Safeguard bondsmen work freely, and for them, this is only a business. The terms and conditions are predetermined by state’s rule of law.

However, many defendants cannot afford this amount, so the defendant’s family contacts a bail bondsman to assist with the payment. If the bail bondsman chooses to render services on the defendant’s behalf, the family usually pays a premium of total bail amount and signs over a lien on personal property. The bail bondsman may also request that the defendant’s family sign over a lien to personal property, just in case the defendant misses the court date. Items that usually qualify as personal property include houses, land, vehicles, jewelry or other assets.

The bail bondsman completes paperwork on the bail bond and maintains a copy of the record in his or her office. It is important that the paperwork is accurate and complete because copies are submitted to the court, and everything must be correct on each form.

The bail bondsman works extremely fast to get the defendant out of jail. However, it might take a few hours before the defendant is released on bond because of all of the paperwork and procedures that are involved in the process. After the judge releases the defendant, he or she is free to go, but the defendant must agree to return to court on the designated court date.

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