The First Steps on the Road to Recovery

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Health

When someone has an addiction to any kind of substance, they will need to seek professional help. Once someone is an addict, they are always an addict; once they receive the help that they need, they can be considered a recovering addict. Also, the addict needs to realize that they have a problem and want to get better, otherwise, the treatments might not work. There are many options for substance abuse treatment in Minnetonka.


The first step of recovery is the process of detoxing the body. Detoxing means that the patient must wait until all the substances are gone from their system; this typically only takes a few days. A person going through this process will be constantly monitored. Some side effects include: hallucinations, vomiting, shaking and fever. Sometimes, a patient may be given medications to help ease the side effects and discomfort associated with detoxing.


Many facilities require that the patient goes through three phases of therapy; individual, group, and family. During individual therapy, a therapist will help the patient understand and control their emotions more effectively. A lot of times, there is an underlying issue on why someone has turned to drugs and other substances to cope with their everyday life.

Group therapy is great for the recovering process because it shows each patient that they are not alone. In group sessions, everyone will share their story, why they are there, and progress they have been making. A lot of people can relate to one another during a group session and offer advice to one another. This is also another way for patients to receive positive feedback from their peers.

During family therapy, a patient and their family members will have a chance to speak openly. The patient can also make amends and understand how their addiction has affected their loved ones. Family therapy is usually one of the last steps before a patient can be released and considered a recovering addict. Overall, receiving treatment can help begin the process of becoming a recovering addict for many people.

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