According to a national survey, nearly 23 million people in the U.S. alone need treatment for drug addiction. Who says you have to wait for the addicted person to say they wish to change before you can do something to address their addiction problem? Like a family or a friend, you can take the necessary steps to get them to rehab. To help you out, here’s a list of what you can do.

Learn More about Addiction

Local support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) can provide you with guidance on how you can properly help the addicted person. They can also share with your loved one their experiences and how they overcame their problem. They can help the person understand that they are not alone in the fight against addiction.


Intervention is not about forcing your loved one to go to a Malibu drug treatment center. It involves talking to the addicted person about the consequences of his actions, and how his addiction is affecting the lives of everyone around him. Just be sure to have a plan before making a move. A poorly executed intervention will only make the person defensive and could result in refusal.

Convince Them to Getting Treatment Immediately

If the person decides to get treatment, do not put it off for tomorrow, bring him to a rehab facility immediately. Do not allow him to have the time to change his mind.

Stand Firm with Your Decision

After your conversation with the addicted person, if he still refuses to get treatment, stand firm on the consequences you’ve laid out for him. If you’ve told him you won’t be giving money anymore, then do so. If the person has to leave the house, stand firm on it. Stop enabling the person to continue using drugs or drinking.

Provide Support During and After Treatment

Help your loved one throughout the recovery process. Coordinate with the addiction treatment facility regarding the rules that they implement during rehab. If they are not allowed to contact their family and friends, do not be tempted to call or visit the person.

Getting a loved one to opt for an addiction rehabilitation is no easy task. It may be stressful, daunting, and often heartbreaking; but helping one get back on track will be worth it. Show your love and support and start planning an intervention today.

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