There are four variations of Respite Care. It is important to remember that most respite is informal and customized to the needs of the individual. There is no steadfast rule, and any of the below types can be matched and mixed accordingly.

Formal Program Care: Formal program care moves through a specific Respite Care provider. The program will obtain funding through the county, but the family pays for the majority of the expenses (with a combination of insurance and federal funding).

Informal Care: Informal care is extremely flexible and usually not involved with a company or program. A typical informal care may work as follows. The family finds a reputable individual or small team who could be associated with a program. As the care begins, any attachment to a program is distant at best. The team or individual sets their own schedule, and the family works with the individuals on their own terms. It is essentially an informal and relaxed program with trained experts that are independent agents. Some of these informal treatment options come in the form of parent cooperatives or cash subsidies from the county.

In-Home: In-home care is usually further divided into two categories. It could be full-time service with round-the-clock care. This is an expensive option, and many may prefer to move a patient to a facility that can offer on-hand care at all times. In-home care could also consist of frequent visits, which generally range from a visit for a few hours in the afternoon/evening or once or twice a week.

Hospital Facility: In some instances, the family may want hospital care. The hospital essentially controls the treatment, and funds are delivered through the hospital insurance agency or through Medicaid if it is applicable.

Orchard Crest Retirement Community is located in Spokane, Washington. The trusted senior living team has an exceptional track record of offering dedicated care and compassion towards the many men and women who call the facility their home. It is a tricky time, and finding the right solution can be demanding and isolating. Adult children want to care for their parents while also living their life, and that is an exhausting and almost impossible balance. Thankfully, there is an answer in Spokane.

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