For many devoted riders, being in control of a motorcycle is the only way to truly experience the freedom of the open road. While cars make it easy and convenient to get from place to place, motorcycles put their owners right in the thick of things. That makes riding exhilarating, but it also makes it dangerous.

On a miles-traveled basis, motorcycle riders are six times more likely than car drivers to perish in accidents. That is despite a marked uptick in helmet usage over the course of recent decades, an important improvement that has actually resulted in quite a decline in annual deaths.

While every one of these fatal accidents is a true tragedy, the fact is that motorcycle riders also confront more common dangers on a regular basis. Just as they are so much more likely to be killed while riding, motorcycle owners are also far more likely to suffer injuries, particularly when inattentive automobile drivers run them down.

Unfortunately, not all of the riders who are injured in this way receive the support and compensation they are entitled to. Insurance company representatives are skilled at shifting the blame, wanting to pay as little as possible even when their clients are clearly at fault.

This means that just about every local motorcycle rider should be prepared to get in touch with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Fort Collins. In fact, many riders find that it makes sense to have contact details ready to hand at all times because an accident can happen on even the most routine of rides.

What a motorcycle accident lawyer in Fort Collins will offer to clients is much more in the way of leverage and effectiveness of bargaining. Faced with skilled, experienced insurance representatives, few riders stand much of a chance on their own.

Having a lawyer take care of the negotiations after an accident is not only a good way of improving the chances for success but also of relieving riders of what could otherwise be a stressful obligation. Visit the website of a lawyer who specializes in such cases and you will find plenty of good reasons to be aware of this.

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