Many people love the colorful sights of flowers growing from bulbs in the spring, but they realize they don’t have the artistic flair to create a truly gorgeous landscape with bulbs. A company specializing in landscape design in Milwaukee, WI can help them develop a plan for brilliant displays of color where those hues would have the best impact. Staggering the planting is important for having later-blooming flowers appearing just as the earliest ones begin to fade. Daffodils, hyacinth, and tulips are some of the earliest blooms, but they don’t last beyond mid-to-late spring in this part of the country. Irises and gladiolas are examples of bulb flowers that appear next and continue the lovely splashes of color around the yard.

Depending on the size and layout of the property, landscape design in Milwaukee, WI can include some unusual and intriguing features. How about a visual stream of bulb flowers, for example? The effect looks like a colorful river running through the property. This is usually accomplished with flowers of the same hue, bordered irregularly with other colors and species. Trees, shrubs or fencing along the side can add to the illusion of water running through the land. Some truly remarkable examples can be found online to give the property owner ideas and inspiration. Bringing photos along to the garden center help the staff members visualize these possibilities.

Bulb flowers also can be used as edging along paths, borders between neighboring properties and next to gardens. They create exquisite sights when grown next to fences and decks. An entire garden of tulips also makes for an impressive sight in the springtime. Homeowners will want to consider their own views of the yard from the house when working with an organization such as Bluemel’s Garden Center. Being able to see the flower displays from various rooms typically is important; the landscaping isn’t just intended to provide beautiful visual effects when people are outdoors. Nevertheless, making sure many of the flowers can be seen from the front sidewalk and the street is a goal of many property owners who want their landscaping to be somewhat of a showcase.

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