Due to their proven reliability the vast majority of standby generators are powered by diesel engines. Diesel powered generators are used extensively for backup power in hospitals, airports, telecom facilities and commercial buildings of all sorts. A typical backup generator needs to get to its full-load rating very quickly and is expected to go thousands of hours during its lifetime.

Effective generator maintenance in Lake Forest is critical to ensure that the standby generator will start and produce power whenever the need arises. Many industrial facilities employ their own generator maintenance personnel while other companies prefer to outsource their maintenance to outside experts.

Diesel engines are extremely reliable, so much so that the majority of maintenance performed on them is preventative in nature. A typical preventative maintenance program will include fluid changes, cooling and fuel system service, testing of the starter batteries as well as regular engine starts and exercise.

The service schedule for generator maintenance is dependent on the power application as well as the environment in which the generator is installed. If the generator is expected to operate frequently and the operating environment is harsh, the time between service and maintenance will be considerably shorter than is necessary on a low use generator installed indoors. Some of the factors that must be taken into account when establishing the schedule is the hours of use, ambient temperature, weather exposure, exposure to salt laden air, dust, sand and other contaminates.

While the generator is running the operator needs to maintain a state of readiness as mechanical failures can happen at any time. There are several areas of a generator that should be the subject of frequent inspection to ensure unsafe or hazardous conditions are avoided. The exhaust system must not have any leaks and ensure the exhaust is not in close proximity to anything in the area. The fuel system must be inspected frequently to ensure there are no leaks in any lines and that the filters are serviceable. The DC electrical system should be checked, make sure the batteries used for starting the generator are charged and the cable connections are tight. The engine fluid levels should be monitored as should the oil pressure and coolant.

There is no doubt that the key to performance is preventative generator maintenance in Lake Forest. By contracting with a reputable company with skilled engineers and following the manufacturer’s recommendations you can ensure that your system will start and produce on demand.

Preventative generator maintenance in Lake Forest will ensure that your standby generator starts when needed and produces reliable power for hours on end. You are invited to discuss your needs with the experts at Penco Generators, Inc. Click here to visit their website.

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