For many consumers, the purchase of a new car is the culmination of a dream they have had for a long time. When their dream is shattered by their new car failing to perform as it should, the Ohio lemon law can help.

What is a lemon in Ohio?

In Ohio, for a new vehicle to qualify as a lemon it must have one or more major defect that compromises the safety of the occupants, other drivers or bystanders. Your vehicle, which can be a passenger car, light truck or a motorcycle, can qualify as a lemon if:

* It has not yet reached one year since the purchase date
* It has not yet reached 18,000 miles on the odometer

Even though you may believe the vehicle is a lemon, you must give the manufacturer or dealer a reasonable opportunity to repair the defect, which must be under the vehicle warranty. The manufacturer or dealer must be given:

* Three chances to fix one problem
* Up to eight chances to fix multiple problems
* The vehicle must have been in for repair for at least 30 days

If the defect is such that it can result in death or serious injury the manufacturer is only given one chance to fix it.

Filing a complaint:

If the manufacturer has gone through the motions and the defect cannot be rectified you have the right to request a replacement vehicle or a refund of the price you paid for it.

Make sure that your request for action is sent via certified mail, detail the attempts that have been made and state whether you want a new car or your money back.

In some cases the manufacturer will ask you to agree to one final attempt to repair the defect, whether you agree or not is up to you. If the manufacturer disagrees and states that your car is not a lemon, you can request an independent arbitrator to rule. Browse Lemon Law America and its Twitter page for more helpful information.

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