There’s no question that trees can offer a great deal of aesthetic value to the landscape of a home or business. They can also offer a fair bit of functionality, providing comfortable shaded areas during warmer times of the year in East Lyme, CT. However, much like everything else, these types of landscaping features will need a certain amount of maintenance. Perhaps one of the best types of maintenance a person can give trees around their home or business is professional Tree Pruning in East Lyme CT.

There are many practical benefits to tree pruning. First and foremost in most people’s minds is making the tree look better. Out-of-control branches can make a tree look rather tattered, but professional pruning can help shore up the look of the tree and make it fit in with a well-manicured landscaping design.

Outside of the aesthetic value of tree pruning, regular pruning of the tree can also maintain its health. The out-of-control branch growth can often lead to some of these branches dying and, in some cases, they die because of disease. Should the branches be allowed to exist on the tree, this disease could spread to the entire tree. By effectively removing these branches through the pruning process, it can protect the health of the tree and allow the tree to remain vibrant and healthy for many years to come.

Pruning a tree regularly also helps control weight distribution. Trees that become too top heavy because of unnecessary branch growth, or trees that could potentially lean from side to side because of out-of-control growth, can make the tree structurally unsound. Trees that become too heavy on one side or another, or become overly top-heavy, can put a great deal of stress on the base and the roots of the tree, leaving it in danger of falling over even without the assistance of high winds during a severe weather event.

The fact is that professional Tree Pruning in East Lyme CT is something that needs to be considered. Whether it’s helping to improve the overall look of the tree, or it’s meant to keep the tree healthy and stable, the services offer all of this plus much more. To learn more about what this pruning process can do for the trees on your property, you may want to contact Dunn’s Tree Service.

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