If an employee is injured while on the job, then the employer is responsible for paying for any medical charges that may occur directly after the incident, or for any follow-up care that may be needed. Most employers have workers compensation insurance to help cover these costs. If an employer refuses to pay for these expenses, refuses to rehire the employee, or the employee is left physically challenged, they may be due restitution to compensate them for their losses. Before an injured workers throw in the towel and thinks there is no hope, keep reading. Here are a few ways a Workers Compensation Attorney in De Pere WI can help.

Medical Bills

A small workplace injury can create thousands of dollars in medical bills. This can be financially detrimental to an employee, and leave them with a mountain of medical debt. An employer is legally responsible for paying for these charges, whether they have workers compensation or not. If an employer is refusing to cover these expenses, be sure to contact an attorney and see how they can help get every medical bill paid in full.

Refusal to Hire/RehireIt is illegal for an employer to fire an employee or refuse to rehire them because they filed a workers compensation claim. If the employee was not breaking company policies when the injury occurred, then they cannot be penalized for the filing of a claim. If an employer threatens to fire an employee or refuses to rehire them as a result of a workers compensation claim, be sure to contact a Workers Compensation Attorney in De Pere WI immediately.

Temporarily or Permanently Disabled

If an employee sustains injuries that leave them temporarily or permanently disabled, they may be due restitution from the employer. If an attorney can prove that the employer was negligent and that the negligence is what caused the employee’s injury, then they may be forced to compensate the employee for any pain, suffering, and loss that was endured.

Don’t let an employer try to get out of paying medical bills. Contact the legal team at Brabazon Law Office and learn more about the restitution that may be due. One of their experienced worker’s compensation attorneys will fight to get top dollar for any injuries sustained. Visit Brabazonlawoffice.com to learn more, and take the first step in getting the legal help needed.

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