Air conditioning is an essential requirement in the modern age, especially during the summer months. Temperatures in Melbourne, FL climb considerably higher during the summers than in other seasons. This can become a problem for those who live and work in closed environments. If you don’t have an air conditioner in your house or office, you will start sweating within just a few minutes! However, air conditioners help with controlling and maintaining the temperature inside a closed room by sucking out the hot air and blowing cool air from the inside. Commercial air conditioning systems are a bit different from residential ones. Here are a few of the most popular types of air conditioning systems in use today.

HVAC Units

HVAC units offer heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in one large package. These are the most commonly installed commercial air conditioning systems in Melbourne, FL, and they are generally used in office buildings and other commercial locations. They are a bit more expensive than other systems, but are suitable for covering whole floors.

Tower Air Conditioners

Tower air conditioners, also known as standing ACs, are also quite common in most office buildings. If you are looking for relatively affordable Melbourne commercial air conditioning systems, these are an ideal choice. They don’t consume as much electricity either, and also provide considerable control over the temperature inside.

Split Air Conditioners

You might be surprised to know that split air conditioners are also quite commonly used as commercial air conditioning systems around the city. Split air conditioners are distinctive because they feature two units, one of which is installed inside and hung on a bracket in the wall, and the other which must be placed outside in an open environment to suck in the air and blow it through the indoor unit.

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