In Virginia, pests are among the leading causes of property damage. For homeowners, these infestations aren’t detected in most cases until they are widespread. This could present serious property damage and serious health risks to the homeowner and their family. The following are the steps for Pest Management Service in Alexandria VA.

Identifying the Type of Infestation

The first step is to identify the type of pest that is present inside the property. This information directs the extermination team. The type of pests determines how the property is treated. For example, if the infestation is rats, the extermination team will place out traps and poison. They will need to review the infestation again later to ensure that all pests have been killed.

Identifying Target Areas

The service provider identifies all target areas in which the pests are present. The extermination team must generate a report for the property damage. If they manage the restoration of the property, they will complete this step last. If they don’t, they will file a property damage claim for the property owner. Once all areas are identified, the extermination process begins.

Exterminating the Pests

The extermination team performs the necessary steps to eliminate the pest. For roaches, they distribute chemicals to kill the insects and their offspring. They may also leave traps and bail to continue the extermination process. They must address any area in which the pests were discovered to lower the risk of new infestations.

Mitigating Further Risks

The extermination team reviews any risks that could increase the risk of further infestations. This includes advising the property owner about favorable conditions that lead to these infestations. This may include closing up food to prevent access to food sources. It may also include closing off entry points.

In Virginia, pests must be exterminated to prevent property damage and personal injuries. All pests present a risk to the homeowner. For these reasons, the property owner must hire an exterminator to eliminate these risks and prevent health hazards. Property owners who need to hire a Pest Management Service in Alexandria VA contact PMSI Mold Treatment Division for more information now.

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