Asbestos in commercial operations can be trickier to deal with than in residential operations. There are several reasons for this. The buildings are configured differently. The asbestos was widely used in many commercial applications. It can also be more pervasive than in residential operations. While this is usually a bigger job, the steps for removal are almost the same with some variations.

One of the first steps for Commercial Asbestos Removal in CT is to isolate the area where the asbestos is located. Depending on the configuration, the location of the asbestos and airflow of the building, this may require isolating the entire building. This may stop other renovation efforts as the asbestos is removed. It can take several days just setting up the isolation zone. No other contractors will be allowed to enter the area once the isolation zone is set.

After the isolation process is complete. The building is setup with the negative ventilation system for the Commercial Asbestos Removal in CT. This type of setup will also take the time to establish. The size and capacity of the building will determine how many of these units need to be setup. The isolation zone will need to be tested to ensure that it is airtight. The workers will enter with breathing devices. The purpose of this is to prevent the fibers from escaping into the environment once the work begins.

Once the entry point and ventilation are established for the Commercial Asbestos Removal in CT, the workers will bring in the necessary equipment and tools to begin the removal process. These workers are also dressed up in protective gear and breathing devices to help protect them while in space. It is only at this point that the work on removal can begin. Depending on the amount of asbestos and the type of removal, this process does take time.

While removing asbestos from a commercial operation is usually done on a larger scale, the removal process remains relatively the same. These guidelines help to protect the workers and the environment from the release of asbestos fibers. If asbestos is discovered in your commercial building, contact AA Asbestos Abatement LLC for removal.

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