Throughout the country there must be tens of thousands of house painters. Even though you will be choosing from the people who do house painting in Monterey from your community, how do you know which is the best amongst them? One thing that can help considerably to weed the candidates out is to look at their portfolio of jobs they have completed in the past; you should also make a call to the local Better Business Bureau to see if the contractor you are considering has any unanswered complaints lodged against him.

Here is a list of traits that you should be looking for when you are about to chose the painter:

  • Preparation: Every great house painter knows the importance of preparation, it is the prep work that makes or breaks the finished look as well as the longevity of the newly painted surface. There are many house painters who scrimp on this.
  • Edging: Perfect house painting in Monterey depends to a great extent on having precision edging. Wavy or uneven edging is one of the marks of an inexperienced painter, pros have mastered this; they can paint a perfectly straight line which is important for an excellent job.
  • Coverage: This trait goes along with perfect edging. The best painters certainly know how to paint a straight line; they also know how to apply the paint in such a fashion that there will be no marks from the roller or uneven application around the perimeter of the room
  • Maintaining the schedule: This is an important question to ask of those past customers that have been given to you as references; did the job get finished on time? Painting is disruptive and the homeowner looks forward to completion to get back to normal.

Those that do house painting in Monterey have to be great at solving little problems. Every job will have some unforeseen issue and the best painters can solve them with minimum fuss and extra expense.

Speed Boy Painting are skilled in painting & decorating Residential & Custom Homes and have been working in the Monterey County area for over 25 years.

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