Part of makes a pet care facility a great place for your pet is its ability to provide you and your animal with high quality care. A great amount of this quality comes from the customer service. A polite vet makes the experience more comfortable and less stressful. The quality also comes from the vet’s expertise.

Knowledge keeps your pet’s records up-to-date with correct diagnoses. However, perhaps the most important quality of your animal hospital is its supplies.

Modern Technology & Equipment

If the technology at your animal hospital is out of date, it’s likely your pet can’t be taken care of properly. While there are some old-fashioned techniques that have worked for decades, when it’s time to cut your pet open for a surgery, the latest and greatest medical technology ensures your pet will receive the best care. Modern technology simply means your animal hospital is keeping its pet care supplies up-to date. If they can’t do this simple task, then perhaps you should be taking your business elsewhere.


Though this may seem like common sense, it’s important for your animal hospital to have the medicine your pet needs on hand. If your pet is in pain, your veterinarian should be able to provide a shot or pill to help ease that pain. Just like when you’re sick, your vet should be able to provide your pet with his or her own prescription and recommended dosage. Having the correct medicine on hand is an essential something that should be included in your vet’s pet care supplies.

A pet care facility that matches these two criteria is Quartz Mountain Animal Hospital. Please be sure to visit their website,, for more information on their services. You can follow them on Twitter for latest news and updates!

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