When you think of Beauty Salons, you may conjure up scenes like that from Steel Magnolias of women sitting around a small room discussing recipes and gossiping about small town life. And, while that image may still exist in some small-town suburbia, most salons today offer so much more for the consumer than just hairstyling and a cut. The beauty parlor is long gone and has been replaced by uptown salons and day spas. While hair-cutting salons still populate the strip shopping centers for the quick cut job, most women these days make an appointment with more stylish salons for the real experience. There, they can expect so much more.


The wedding day is the ultimate beauty services event, and is actually a two-day event where beauty is concerned. With a salon, you can book a trial day and the actual wedding day. The bride and her wedding party can have their hair, makeup, extensions, eyelashes, and often nails done on the same day. However, many salons recommend that brides have their nails done a day or two prior to the wedding due to time restraints. Brides will be ready for their ultimate photo shoot after a morning or afternoon at the salon.


If you’re tired of the same old color, it’s time to go bold or go home. Today’s hair can be any color under the rainbow and a different color tomorrow. Stylists are trained in how to bring out the best in a woman’s feature using bold or subtle shades of color to highlight her beauty. Whether you’re bold and edgy, or you want to create a classic look that covers up that annoying, age-enhancing gray, stylists are able to instantly transform your look with the latest coloring techniques.


Relax the day away at the Beauty Salon with a massage, facial or waxing. There’s no need to go separate places when it all can be done by experts in the same location. Today’s salons such as Safie Salon & Day Spa in Massapequa can squeeze you in for a hair styling in the morning and massage afterwards. Enjoy your day to yourself and look beautiful afterwards.

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