Traveling to new exotic places and staying in luxurious resorts is one of the greatest pleasures on this earth. But traveling to destinations that you’ve never been to before tends to be a bit overwhelming. Make your stay a little less confusing by asking these questions when you check into your Borneo Island resort.

Do the Restaurants Require Reservations?

Sometimes when you stay at a Borneo Island resort that has a restaurant in it, you’ll be asked to make reservations beforehand. It’s important that you find out if the resort you’re staying in requires reservations, and if there is a mandatory dress code for you to follow when dining there.

Is There Entertainment Schedule?

If you’re staying in a Borneo Island resort that offers entertainment, you’ll want to make sure you know the schedule. Knowing the time a show starts will allow you to schedule your day around the show you want to see.

Ask About the Amenities

It’s important for you to find out if your Borneo Island resort offers free room service, or if it costs extra. Also, it’s not a bad thing to find out if the mini-bar is free as well. You don’t want to help yourself to some cocktails if they’re going to cost you an arm and a leg. Visit to find out what else is available for you to do at your resort.

Traveling is incredibly exciting, especially if you’re heading to exotic places. Before you arrive, do your research to find out more about the place you’ll be staying at. This will allow you to get the most out of your visit. Also, don’t forget to ask questions when you check in either. The locals will be able to point you in the best direction to make your visit an incredible one.

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