Those homeowners who’d like to find a more energy-efficient and cost-effective way to heat their homes may want to consider installing heat pumps. However, before installing Heat Pumps in Binghamton NY, there are a number of pros and cons to consider.


Because of the way heat pumps work, they can actually generate up to 400 percent more heat energy than the amount of energy used to operate the system. This means they can be particularly energy efficient. However, they tend to work best in areas with a more moderate climate. Before installing Heat Pumps in Binghamton NY, it’s important to know that it will take more energy to heat a home in an area where the temperatures drop below zero than it will in an area with more moderate temperatures, so it won’t be quite as energy-efficient. It will also probably be necessary to have some type of back-up for those times when the heat pump can’t generate enough heat due to extreme temperatures or other issues. Newer heat pumps are better able to deal with this issue than the heat pumps of the past, however, so it can still be helpful for saving energy and heating costs to use heat pumps even in areas where temperatures get colder.

Both Heating and Cooling Potential

While they are called heat pumps, these are actually heating and cooling systems, so they can perform both functions depending on the time of year and the temperatures in and out of the home. This means there won’t be any need for window air conditioners to supplement the heat pump system.

Combination Systems

For the best results, consider a combination system, such as a heat pump combined with a furnace that can go back and forth between the two systems for the highest possible efficiency. Another option is to combine a heat pump with a solar-electric system, which gives a homeowner the benefits of both of these forms of eco-friendly systems.


There isn’t necessarily a lot of maintenance with these systems, as they need less care than furnaces, but the parts of the system that are above ground outside need to be kept clear of leaves, snow, and debris so that air can move freely.

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