Commercial business owners have special concerns that are not always present in residential households, especially when it comes to specialized fields such as electrical installations and repairs. The technology behind commercial electrical systems is always changing, so it’s best to hire a Commercial Electrical Contractor in Tucson AZ who has extensive experience in the field and can keep up with emerging industry standards. Business owners can read on to find out how to tell if they’ve found a quality contractor below.

New Certifications

Certifications offer proof that electrical contractors have received training on how to perform their important work safely, so they should always be up-to-date. Look for OSHA certifications in particular, as these offer proof that a company’s contractors have received dedicated safety training regarding things like common electrical hazards, hazardous locations, wiring methods, and the use of protective equipment. It’s always best to work with a company whose technicians have undergone OSHA-30 training.

The Capability to Perform ARC Flash Studies

ARC flash studies are designed to provide detailed information about the entire electrical system, helping electricians to assess risk levels in the workplace. They also ensure that commercial buildings are in compliance with local and national safety standards and allow technicians the opportunity to uncover any issues with the electrical system. Code compliance and safe operation of electrical devices are essential to providing workers and customers alike with a safe environment, so be sure to work with a company who can offer these assurances.

Lift Training

Often some of the electrical wiring and equipment in commercial buildings is located in difficult to reach places. When this is the case, a Commercial Electrical Contractor in Tucson AZ will have to use a lift to perform his or her work. Be sure to hire a contractor who has been provided with adequate lift training to ensure that he or she will be able to perform repairs even in difficult to reach places.

Learn More Today

There are plenty of electricians out there, so it’s essential to do some research on a company before signing a contract. Visit the website for additional information on one well-regarded local electrical service today or call with any questions to get started. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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