Electrical power connections are highly impractical on a job site. Often, the power source is too far away from the site to be usable. One of the ways to bring power to the site is with the use of a generator. These compact power sources can be utilized when needed to help speed up the construction progress. These are a few items to consider when renting one.

Transportation is a big issue to address with a Generator Rental in Baltimore MD. Depending on the size, the generator can weigh between hundreds and thousands of pounds. The trailers used to haul them must be able to adequately support all of this weight. Heavy equipment may have to be employed to get it to the proper location. The generator can be scheduled for delivery and pickup if the option to transport it is not available.

The generator will also need a stable platform in a ventilated area. The platform can be built out of leftover materials or placed on an unused portion of a concrete slab. Since many job sites are muddy, generators set on grass or soil may sink down into the ground. This can cause problems if the dirt or mud gets into the motor or gas. It also needs to be covered to protect against rain.

It is also important to designate a person to handle the Generator Rental in Baltimore MD. The person should monitor gas and oil levels as well as oversee the operations connected with it. The generator should be periodically checked to make sure that it is not overloaded with too much stuff. If the power supply is inadequate for normal operations, a second generator should be brought in or it needs to be upgraded to a larger size.

Rental generators can save time and money on a construction project. However, there are a few details to consider when renting one. The first is how the generator is going to make it to the site. It needs to have a stable platform for operations and someone needs to monitor operations to prevent it from becoming overloaded or running out of gas. Contact Slaymaker Rental & Supply for more information on getting a rental generator.

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