Gift baskets are a great way to express your thanks to employees or clients, remind family and friends that you’re thinking of them, wish someone a happy holiday, or welcome a new neighbor to town. When they are customizable to taste and full of locally grown delicious goodies, they can be even better!

When you’re looking for Gift Basket ideas in Tucson, why not think pecans? Local producers offer a wide variety of fully customizable food baskets and more. Many people struggle finding thoughtful and original gifts. Who really wants yet another pre-packaged basket of unhealthy Tex Mex food? Although gift baskets containing food products are a great option, there are healthier and more unique solutions.

Pecans are a rich source of energy, and packed with beneficial nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Eating a handful a day can help to keep a balanced diet. Combined with their delicious buttery taste and versatility of use, this makes them the perfect gift.

If you think that a pecan themed gift basket is limiting, think again. There are dozens of both traditional and quite innovative goods on the market to help you be sure that your gift basket recipient is in for a treat! Pecan flavored barbeque sauces, hot sauces, and syrups can lend distinctive flavor to any dish and give the receiver of your gift basket exciting new meal time options. Or if you want to play it safe and go with more classic options, tins of milk and dark chocolate covered pecans come in a variety of sizes, and can even be ordered sugar-free so that those with sugar restrictive diets can still enjoy them. Toffees and pecan brittles provide even more delicious desert choices. Even pecan flavored coffee beans, a proven local favorite, are available for the coffee connoisseur who thinks they’ve tried it all.

If you’re uncertain about how to create your own customized gift basket, or just don’t have the time to wade through every possible combination of goods, there is a market for pre-arranged gift baskets of all sorts that are certain to delight. Want more Gift Basket ideas in Tucson? Click here to find some inspiration and browse a wide array of pecan products to give your next gift some distinct local flavor.

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