Your office is likely a home for multiple people for 40 or more hours per week. Naturally, you can expect quite a lot of bacteria and germs to be present in your place of work. There are certain bacterial hot spots of the office which may surprise you. Your first guess may be the restroom, and you would be right, but below you will find some more obscure places that might be holding plenty of germs and dirt. To prevent the outbreak of germs in your office, look into anything janitorial in Oakland, there are many companies that would be glad to keep your office a clean and healthy place to work.

Buttons And Handles

Even the act of entering your office can be a health risk. Think of all of the door handles, filing cabinets, keyboards, mice and other fixtures that you come into contact with on many occasions throughout your day. These commonly touched areas are where the nasty stuff lies in wait. Add the fact that one in four of us never wash their hands after using the toilet, and you have a recipe for disaster. It’s always recommended to have your cleaners or staff clean these areas with antibacterial wipes and sprays in order to stay healthy.


Though you might think that your telephone is clean from germs because you have great hygiene, the pure proximity to your mouth and nose that the telephone receiver is held in makes it a great way for germs to enter your body. Some reports say that your telephone can hold up to 500 times more bacteria than a toilet seat on average. Time to get out the antibacterial wipes again.


Some areas of the kitchen will be a well-known vessel for germs, the bin, for example, will be rife with bacteria. However, it’s actually more common to catch an illness from any kitchen towels and sponges that might be in use. The way these two offenders are left sitting in their own damp mess for hours on end makes it no surprise that they can be filled with nasty bacteria.

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