Many homeowners attempt to handle plumbing problems themselves, as they do not want to spend money on a plumber. While this is fine in some situations, not all homeowners are equipped to handle serious plumbing troubles. A Plumbing Company in Cincinnati OH should be called as soon as three key signs are noticed.

More Than One Drain is Clogged

When a toilet is clogged or a sink is not draining, homeowners can search for easy remedies to solve the problem. This usually involves using a drain cleaner to dissolve the debris. When more than one drain is clogged, and the plumbing problems seem to be throughout the house, a plumber is needed. There may be a more serious problem that is impacting several drains at once. The plumber will have to thoroughly check the system and all drains to assess the situation.

Pipes Continue Leaking After a Simple Fix

Homeowners may see a leaking pipe and choose to fix it themselves. In many cases, they simply cover a leaking spot to have it stop dripping. While this may stop the dripping water, it does not actually fix the problem. Eventually, the water will get through and continue to leak worse than before. The pipes may also end up bursting. If a leak is noticed after a simple fix has been made, a plumber should be called in to actually repair the pipes properly.

Pools of Water in the Yard

An overfilled septic tank is one plumbing problem homeowners are not equipped to handle on their own. In many cases, a problem is not detected until something happens, such as water pooling in the yard or a foul odor developing. As soon as this is noticed, it is best to call a plumber right away so they can have the tank pumped and the problem resolved.

A Plumbing Company in Cincinnati OH should be called as soon as any of these signs are noticed. They will be able to assess the situation and rectify the damage quickly. The AA Plumbing Cincinnati OH residents have local access to is a company well-suited to meet these needs.

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