If you have a love for adventure escape games in Koramangala, you’ve probably tried all the typical offerings out there. Maybe you’ve set your sights on a new escape room or you simply want to prove you can beat a game that defeated you before. Having a list of tips can help you get in the right zone for this kind of challenge and help you put your best foot forward.

Play With Friends

When you play a game with people you know, there’s already some level of familiarity and communication style. You may have experience working together on a team in some other environment. While public booking can be fun, it knocks down your chances of winning before time runs out.

Know When to Fold Them

Tired of staring at a puzzle that seems to have no solution? Pass if off to someone else in the team for a fresh pair of eyes. The more people who try and fail, the less likely the puzzle can be completed at that moment. Sometimes you have to walk away and try again later.

Organize Clues

If you keep related items together, it’s much easier to get back to them when they become needed. Make a stack of unused keys or place clues that might go together on the same table. This will give you extra time when you really need it as you won’t be digging through a huge pile of clues.

Split Up

Sure, this didn’t work so well for the Scooby gang, but it often works well in adventure escape games in Koramangala. Give each team member a section of the room to look through to find clues. This can ensure the entire room has been combed through and no areas remain unsearched.

Save Time Skipping Numbers

If you have a puzzle and it involves finding the numbers for a three-digit lock, you can stop once you have the first two. It’s simple and quick to scroll through the numbers for the last digit instead of working on in a hard puzzle. The same applies for things like crosswords. Use logic and save some time.

The Best Adventure Escapes Around

Mystery Junkies provides high-quality escape games for those of all ages. You can try your hand at the Ransom or go underground in the Nuclear Bunker. No matter what genre of game you like, we’ve got something for you. You can also follow them on Instagram.

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