Nobody wants to hear that they’ve got bed bugs in their home. These sneaky little pests are so hard to get rid of; it sometimes means getting rid of the beds, bedding and many other materials from the home in an attempt to control the infestation. Calling for professional help is the best way to deal with Bed Bug Extermination in Broken Arrow OK.

Signs of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are most active at night, which is when they like to feed on the blood of people and animals. They are only about 5 millimeters long and have a reddish-brown skin color. Because they’re very flat in shape, they can hide in all kinds of crazy places, making it difficult for amateurs to figure out if they’re there. Some signs of bed bugs include an unpleasant sweet smell in the home, itchy welts on the skin of people who’ve been bitten and smears of fecal matter on the bedding. They have small cream-colored eggs, and sometimes these eggs or cast off skins can be found around the home.

Extermination Process

The first step is to go all around the home and determine where these nasty little bugs are spending their time. Then the actual treatment will begin, with the exact plan of action depending on how severely the home is infested with bed bugs. The pest control company will use methods to get rid of the bugs and also make it so any larvae won’t be able to mature into adults and breed to create more bed bugs. After Bed Bug Extermination in Broken Arrow OK, the pest control company should make a follow-up visit to make sure that the bugs are truly gone.

Limiting the Risk

The best way to avoid bed bugs is to take steps to limit their entry into the home in the first place. These include looking for signs of bed bugs in hotels, keeping luggage away from the floor and the bed in the hotel room, carefully checking all luggage for any signs of bed bugs and storing it away from the bedroom and drying all clothes from the trip in the dryer on high heat for at least 15 minutes right after arriving home and taking them out of the suitcase.

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