While it can be possible to find the perfect ring simply by browsing among those available at the jewelry store, it may be a good idea to have the basics of what you’re looking for in mind. This will help narrow down the options for Diamond Engagement rings in Colorado Springs.

Choosing a Stone

The most common stone for engagement rings is the diamond, which is beneficial since this is also one of the hardest stones and thus the least likely to become damaged with daily wearing of the ring. The second most common stone is the sapphire, which is almost as hard as a diamond. Sapphires are a great option for those who are a bit less traditional, and they do come in pink, yellow and other colors as well as blue. It’s possible to get a larger sapphire for less money than a diamond of the same size. Should the lady in question have a different favorite stone, it may be a good choice to use that for an engagement ring instead as long as she isn’t set on one of the traditional diamond engagement rings in Colorado Springs.

Choosing a Metal

The next big decision is the type of metal to use for the ring. White gold and platinum are among the more popular options, but platinum costs about twice as much. This expense may be worth it, however, as platinum is also a lot stronger and more durable than gold. Check out the type of jewelry that your girlfriend typically wears to get an idea of what types of metals she prefers, as this will make the decision of what metal to use in the engagement ring a bit clearer.

Other Considerations

There are a number of other factors to consider, including the budget. There’s no need to go broke buying a ring or to go by the old rule of spending a certain number of months’ worth of salary. Also consider the shape of the stone, the setting for the stone and whether it should have just one big stone or also some smaller stones in the band.

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