The right landscape design can not only cause a property to be more attractive but also make a yard more functional. Yet due to all the options, it is sometimes hard to choose what design to go with. Here are some tips for choosing the best Landscape Design in Westport Connecticut.


Some yards already look amazing and have some great features, but homeowners still feel that the yard could use a few added details to make the landscaping complete. If a path is not yet part of the design, it may be just what the property needs. For swimming pools that are not right next to the home, a paved walkway is ideal for going back and forth between the pool and the house. The pavement will keep feet from getting muddy. A stone path can also lead to a gazebo, a pond, or another nice feature. Some people like a gravel pathway as well, such as to walk on to a garden.

Flowers and Other Plants

Few additions to a yard will be as noticeable as plants. For a yard that is mostly made up of grass, a careful selection of shrubs and flower beds will be able to turn an average yard into a spectacular yard. Plants can be put in along walkways or form a line in front of the home. When they are in bloom, flowers fill the yard with color and charm. A landscape designer can work with homeowners to figure out what plants they like best and are ideal for their yard, then have them expertly planted so that they will stay a part of the landscape for a long time.

Additional Features

When choosing a landscape design, homeowners should think about what they most want to use the yard for. If they like eating outdoors, then a comfortable patio might be the perfect option. Some people enjoy cooking outside as well, and a high-quality outdoor kitchen would make this easier. In certain yards, a pond could cause the property to be even more lovely. It is also possible to have fairly large trees planted in a yard.

There are many great ideas for Landscape Design in Westport Connecticut, and Northeast Horticultural Services can help to bring them to any yard. Visit for more information.

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