Choosing a new overhead door in Madison, WI for a home garage or a commercial garage is not all that different. Although you may need specific factors or features on both, having a structured and simple way to compare different designs, models and brands will help you to choose the right door for your needs.


The size of the garage door makes a difference if you have specialized types of door requirements. For example, many people like a wider than average garage door for either a residential or commercial garage to allow easy entrance and exit from the building. This is particularly true for wider vehicles such as the big dual pick-up trucks and even for some of the larger SUV models.

For commercial garages, and even for some residential garages, a taller and wider overhead door in Madison WI may be required. This is often the case if the family has a motorhome, a customized SUV, or even for larger trucks such as cargo trucks and delivery vehicles.

Design Features

There are many different styles and design features available in the new models of overhead doors in Madison, WI. For replacing of older style doors, the new models can add to the curb appeal of a home and provide a significant upgrade without a huge investment.

New styles of overhead doors in Madison, WI can look like natural wood or they can be more traditional types of sectional doors. Sectional doors, arched garage doors or the more exotic and elegant styles can be solid panel doors, providing maximum privacy, or they can have lights, or windows, built into the design.

Typically with an overhead door in Madison, WI for a residential setting the glass panes will be in the top section of the door design. These windows are designed to let in natural light while still offering privacy and security.

For commercial overhead doors in Madison, WI it isn’t uncommon for the sections of the door to be fully glass, allowing for high levels of visibility into showrooms, bays or service areas.

Add an Overhead Opener

Virtually every overhead door will be installed with a garage door opener in a residential setting. This allows for opening and closing of the door from the comfort of the vehicle or the interior of the garage.

With commercial installations, both garage door opener systems and manual opening for an overhead door in Madison, WI may be selected based on the specific needs of the business.

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