When family and friends come together to welcome a new baby with a baby shower, the event should be a special one. Planning the perfect baby shower involves a lot of details: making the guest list, choosing and sending invitations, preparing or arranging food, and organizing the event itself. Finding the right venue that will provide guests with an enjoyable and memorable experience is an important first step in the planning process. The following are some tips for choosing baby shower venues in Frankfort, IL.

Some baby shower hosts opt to have the party at their home. For a limited guest list, a living room can provide a comfortable and informal space where people can feel free to play silly party games out of the public eye. The disadvantage of hosting a party at home, however, is the amount of work required of the host, who may have to do all the food preparation and clean up before and after.

Another option is to host the baby shower at a local restaurant. If the mother-to-be has a favorite restaurant, check to see if they have a special room for hosting parties. Unless the group is very small, it’s best to use a back room in order to give guests some freedom of movement and allow space for games. For a more formal baby shower, consider a venue like Odyssey Country Club. A country club can offer fine dining and luxurious surroundings that will make it stand out among other baby shower venues in Frankfort, IL.

A church, synagogue, or other place of worship can be a good place to hold a baby shower, especially when most of the guests will be members of the congregation. Most places of worship have fellowship halls with tables where people can sit and eat. They also usually have kitchens where food can be prepared and/or stored until it’s time to serve it.

At the right time of year, an outdoor venue can be perfect for a baby shower. Many public parks have covered pavilions that can be reserved for parties. Under a pavilion, guests can find plenty of space for sitting and eating or moving around, and most also provide charcoal grills that can be used to prepare food.

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