Many women like to receive flowers from their significant other on their anniversary. However, it isn’t always easy to choose just the right bouquet. When arranging for Anniversary Bouquets Delivery in Charleston WV, a few tips may make the choice of bouquets a little bit easier.

Favorite Colors

Think of the recipient’s favorite colors when picking out a bouquet. This will make it a little bit more personal and show that you put some thought into the flower choice instead of just opting for the first bouquet that you saw.

Flower Type

Roses may be very traditional, but they aren’t very unique or original, so unless you know that your significant other loves roses, it may be a better idea to choose either her favorite flowers or a mixed bouquet. Checking out the preset options for Anniversary Bouquets Delivery in Charleston WV should give you a few ideas, but sometimes it’s also possible to call the florist and arrange for a custom bouquet to be delivered. This will help make it easier to ensure that any favorite flower is included in the mix.

Flower Meanings

Not everyone is aware that different flowers are associated with different meanings. For an anniversary, it may be a nice touch to choose flowers based on their meanings as well as how they look. Carnations may not be the best option, since they mean “Alas for my poor heart,” but heliotrope stands for eternal love and red roses or tulips are a declaration of love as well. Myrtle is considered the emblem of marriage and true love, so it could be another good option to include in an anniversary bouquet.

Allergy Considerations

Be sure to tell the florist about any potential allergy issues to make sure that no flowers or filler material are included in the bouquet that could cause an allergic reaction. That would totally ruin the gesture and is something that is definitely to be avoided whenever possible. Flowers that commonly cause allergies include daisies, sunflowers, chrysanthemums and goldenrod, so stay away from these in bouquets if you’re not sure about potential allergies. Irises, daffodils, crocuses, hydrangeas, lilies, hostas, tulips, roses and zinnias are usually okay for most people with allergies.

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