Even though so much of business communication and advertising is moving onto digital platforms, the business card has not yet been effectively replaced. A business card is a concrete and personal reminder of a person or a business, and it is unique in a way that a digital signature can’t be. Well-designed business cards should be a small but important part of any company’s overall marketing plan. If you have been tasked with designing Business cards in NYC NY, consider the following expert tips.

First of all, design the card around your key text. The information on the card should be clear and easy to read, and it should not be too close to the edge of the card. A rule of thumb is to leave a minimum of 5 mm of space between the text and the edge. Also, keep the text on the card to a minimum. Too many words crammed into a small space creates a cognitive overload. The font should be chosen for clarity rather than creativity.

A simple color scheme with only one or two colors can have more of an impact than a detailed, multi-colored image. Printers recommend CMYK, a color model that uses cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (key), as opposed to RGB, or red-green-black. CMYK is the color model that looks the best when printed on paper, while RGB is the color model used by computer monitors.

While a card printed on high-quality card stock is always a professional-looking choice, some people play around with materials and finishes to create a card that stands out from the crowd. Business cards can be made of plastic, wood, metal, and anything that can be cut to the right shape and thickness. Using a non-traditional shape, like an an elongated rectangle or a square, can make the card unique; however, consider the recipient’s ability to slide it into his or her wallet.

Not everyone has the time or the expertise to come up with the kind of professional design that will make a business card a true asset to its owner. Sometimes the best option is to have a card professionally designed. For expert assistance in designing Business cards in NYC NY, visit Printingexpressus.com.

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