There are a few occasions when it isn’t a case of just getting rid of a small amount of trash in a home, but of totally cleaning out everything in the home. This is a huge project and not one to be undertaken lightly. These occasions include someone passing away and dealing with a home that was foreclosed on. This is why there are a number of companies that deal with Clean Outs in Nassau County NY. There are a few things to consider when contemplating how to go about a clean out.

Reason for Clean Out

A home that was foreclosed on might not have much of value in it, in which case it may be possible to hire a trash company to haul everything away. However, this isn’t often the case when it comes to dealing with a house left as part of an estate. The contents of this type of house will need to be sorted out so the valuables can be sold and any useful items can be donated, with whatever remains hauled away as trash. This isn’t really a job for a company that doesn’t have someone on staff that can quickly tell the difference between something that’s valuable and something that’s not.


When hiring a company to help with Clean Outs in Nassau County NY, it’s a good idea to look for a company that has a lot of experience doing these types of jobs, and that has people on staff to help quickly sort out the trash from the treasures. This is a better idea than just having someone come in and haul everything away to the dump, and it will most likely result in the homeowner making some money rather than just having to pay money out to get rid of the junk. Even in a hoarder’s house there’s likely to be at least some items that might have some value although it may take some time to find them and it will mean more carefully sorting through all of the trash that’s in the home.

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