A dental emergency can be a serious problem, and it is important for patients to understand what they should do in these situations. While there are many different dental problems that patients might encounter, a cracked tooth can be a particularly common and serious issue to experience. When a patient has been unfortunate enough to experience this type of injury, they will need to visit an Emergency Dentist as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, it may take a patient hours before they are able to get to the dentist and, when this is the case, they may be in extreme agony. To combat the pain, patients should take an over-the-counter pain medication. However, it is important to avoid any numbing gels because they can get inside the cracked tooth and cause further damage. Also, avoid any cold or hot beverages, as the sudden temperature change can be painful for any exposed nerves.

In addition to pain, patients may also suffer from severe swelling. The swelling can worsen the pain and, for this reason, it is important to control this side effect of the injury. One of the most effective methods of combating dental swelling is through the use of ice. By keeping an ice pack on the injured area of the mouth, it is possible to greatly reduce the swelling. If the cold is too intense to handle, you can lessen it by wrapping the ice pack in a thin cloth.

There can be an almost countless number of ways you can crack a tooth. However, while this problem can be fairly common, it is important for patients to understand that it can pose a serious threat to their dental health. For those that have suffered a cracked tooth, it is essential to seek medical care as soon as possible. Luckily, there is an Emergency Dentist that can see patients within hours of them suffering the injury. By visiting these professionals, patients can have their cracked teeth repaired in the quickest manner possible. Fortunately, if you have suffered this type of injury, you can find an experienced local dentist that provides emergency care by visiting .

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