Many homes and businesses will produce a rather shocking amount of garbage over the course of a week. Not surprisingly, garbage bins can be prone to becoming extremely dirty due to this type of use, which can create foul odors as well as contributing to pests. For those using services for Garbage Removal in Watertown, there are a couple of simple tips for minimizing the problems that can arise from having a dirty garbage bin.

Clean The Garbage Bin Weekly

Many homeowners will make the error of going many weeks or months between cleaning the garbage bins. Yet, this can contribute to an overpowering foul odor as well as making the garbage bin extremely unsanitary. To minimize this threat, a homeowner should make it a point to thoroughly rinse out the garbage bin use a mixture of bleach and water. Before doing this step, a hole should be drilled into the bottom of the garbage can. This will allow it to easily drain, which can help remove any solid waste that is in it.

Secure The Bin Against Animals

In addition to battling foul smells, homeowners will also need to discourage insects and animals from targeting the garbage bin. Luckily, this is a fairly simple task for homeowners to do. When choosing a garbage bin, it is important to choose one that has a locking mechanism. For those that own garbage bins that lack this feature, a small hole can be drilled into the lid and the side of the bin. By using rope, a chain or locks, it is possible to keep animals from getting inside the bin. While this may be slightly inconvenient, it is important to note this is the only way to prevent animals from spreading trash around the yard.

Keeping the garbage bins in good condition is something that many homeowners will neglect to do. Sadly, those using services for Garbage Removal in Watertown commonly make this mistake, which can make their homes less sanitary. However, making sure to keep the bin clean as well as securing it against animals can make it is possible to greatly reduce the common issues garbage bins experience.

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