Tips for Knowing When to Call Pest Exterminators in Puyallup WA

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As a homeowner, it is important to know when to call in the professionals. This is true for many issues that occur inside and outside the home. The following tips are designed to help homeowners know when to call in professional pest exterminators in Puyallup WA. It’s important to know what to look for before a home becomes damaged or overrun by pests. The sooner these unwelcome visitors are removed from the property, the better.


There are telltale signs that termites leave around the property. A homeowner should be on the lookout for mud tunnels. These are tunnels that termites use to get around. Something else to look for is wings. Check window sills for wings. It’s also a good idea to have one’s home and property periodically checked for termites since it can be difficult to detect when they are present. By the time that a homeowner sees saw dust from the termites eating the wood, extensive damage has already been done.


Droppings are the most common sign that rodents are present. Look carefully on counter tops and undisturbed areas of the house for these droppings. They can often be found in a closet. Other signs to look for are holes in packages. Pet food is especially susceptible. Rodents love dog food. You may also hear them scampering around in the attic, or in the walls of a home. If a homeowner begins hearing strange sounds in the home’s walls, pest exterminators in Puyallup WA can come out to do a thorough investigation.


Flea infestations are often easy to spot. Small red bite marks and itching are the most accurate indicator that fleas are in the home. Having fleas in the home can make everyone miserable, especially those who are allergic to them. Many people have allergic reactions to these pests.

Pests inside the home can do a lot of damage. Termites will eat the wood from the inside out. Rodents will build nests and multiply quickly. They can also eat through wiring in the home, as well as many other items. Flea bites and itching makes those dealing with them quite uncomfortable. It’s important to get professionals in to rid your home of these and other pests as soon as possible.

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