People who would like to be environmentally friendly try to recycle as much as possible. With some items, such as certain plastics, metals, and papers, it’s pretty easy to do this. However, when it comes to large items made of a number of different materials, such as a mattress, it can be harder to find an environmentally-friendly way to dispose of them. Following a few tips will make it easier to deal with Mattress Recycling in Minneapolis MN.

Choose the Right Mattress Company

The easiest way to recycle a mattress is to buy your new mattress from a company that will accept the old one for recycling when they deliver the new mattress. Then it isn’t even necessary to take the mattress to a recycling center, and the 40 cubic feet of space it would take up in a landfill can be saved for something else.

Deconstruct It

With most mattresses, approximately 90 percent of the materials used can be recycled. This means it’s possible for people to take apart the old mattress and recycle the parts separately. In fact, this is what happens when the mattress is taken by a recycling provider. Even memory foam is recyclable. This method can actually make a person some money to make up for all the work, as recycling centers often pay for scrap metal, such as that from mattress coils. This process isn’t particularly easy, however, so it’s definitely preferable to find someone to recycle it for you.

Check With Thrift Stores

Although not all thrift stores will still take mattresses, as it isn’t something most people would necessarily want to buy used, some will still accept them and recycle them. Thus, it pays to make a few calls if there aren’t any other recycling options nearby.

Fee Considerations

Because of the bulky nature of mattresses, it can be costly to transport them, and then the component materials need to be separated. This means that even if places do offer Mattress Recycling in Minneapolis MN, there’s a fee involved, but this is typically less than that needed to dispose of them in a landfill.

If you’re not sure where to go to recycle your old mattress, Mudek Trucking and J & J Recycling Minneapolis MN can help. This will help keep the mattress out of the dump, allowing it will be turned into something useful.

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