A minor issue with a tooth has led the patient to schedule an appointment with the Family Dentist in Keizer OR. Now that the date and time is locked in, it makes sense to prepare a few things in advance. Doing so will ensure that the trip itself and the remainder of the day will be easy to manage.

Take Care of Tasks Ahead of Time

Depending on what needs to be done, the Family Dentist in Keizer OR may need to spend a couple of hours with the patient. Instead of fretting about work that needs to be done or errands that need attention, try to get some of those action items out of the way before the dental appointment. Doing so will make it easier to relax and not be concerned about what has to be completed before the end of the day.

Bring a Friend Along

Arrange for a friend to tag along for the dental appointment. If there is the need to sedate the patient in order to take care of a problem, there will be no worries about how to get home. The friend can handle the driving while the patient gets over the effects of whatever sedative was used.

Take Long Medications

When was the last time the patient updated the dental records to reflect any medications currently being taken? To be on the safe side, take them along and show them to the staff. Medications may trigger adverse reactions with certain types of sedatives, or possibly cause more bleeding to occur. If the dentist is aware of those medications in advance, alternative options that will not trigger a negative reaction can be used.

For anyone who has gotten out of the habit of seeing a dentist on a regular basis, you can try here to learn more about setting up a first appointment. Once the date and time are settled, make sure to arrange the schedule so that there is plenty of time to rest after the trip. Even if the visit turns out to be routine, having the rest of the day unfettered with things to do will be a treat.

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